Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers: Applications are Open

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!

On my marks, get set, go!! Start your engines as applications for this year’s Community Tournament are OPEN.

Yes, even before you have had time to recover from the launch of FPL itself, we are now ready for sign-ups into the Striker Keepers Losers Weepers Community Tournament.

We need your help this year to make this the biggest Community Tournament ever run, as due to the number of team captains we are on the lookout for between 500 to 1,000 participants.

Needless to say, this is a lot of people so make sure to tell your friends, family and anyone else who will listen to help us spread the word.

All you have to do is fill in the very simple application form below:-

Deadline for entries: 25 July


We covered an overview of the tournament in an article a few weeks ago which you can find here – and not only that but you can also find us on the Fantasy Football Scout Network where we made our debut to talk to Az:

After our appearance fame has already gone to our heads and our showbiz, diva demands have rocketed with the appointment of our own personal stylist, the insistence on rose petals being scattered before us and of course a framed picture of Ben White to be made available at all times. Rumours are also rife that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been booked for the launch party, although these have yet to be confirmed.

As a reminder, in summary, the Community Tournament allows you to join up with other FPL managers in teams of 16 who will then compete in matches throughout the season, with winners decided by the combined score of your squad with extra points for those placed into head-to-head (H2H) combat.


There are trophies on offer for the winners, regular updates via articles, pods and twitter plus there is a chance to join the teams of MVPs such as the FPL Blackbox duo Mark and Az, the Scoutcast regulars (including Andy North), Lateriser and The FPL Wire gang, Pras and Sonaldo from the Burning Question, a whole host of Hall of Fame types with career histories to make you look twice and even Magnus Carlsen.

Despite all this, the best recommendation I can give is that it’s a great way to get to know other members of the FPL community and share in some competitive FPL action.


Once you’ve filled in the form you will be placed on the official player list and then from 17th July, we will open the Pre-Draft stage which means that Team Captains, who will be announced shortly before this date, will be able to approach you to recruit you into your team.

Each team will need to be made up of 16 players: the Team Captain, a Most Valuable Player (MVP) and 14 other players.

We will be releasing an article around that time so you can make your case for inclusion in the comments section plus there will be recruitment via Twitter and other forums, but a formal agreement should be reached before the manager signs a player.


If you are worried about not having a career history to rival Fabio Borges then don’t fret, as Team Captains will be asked to stick to a budget just like the real FPL so undervalued gems are just as important as heavy hitting type.

Every player who registers will be allocated a Player Value between £5m-100m, based on their final Overall Rank finishes in the last three seasons in Fantasy Premier League (FPL). 

The full rules are below:-

  • MVPs are not available to be signed pre-draft, and so a maximum of 14 Pre- Draft Signings are allowed.
  • Each Team Manager must stick to a £1000m budget for their pre-draft signings that cannot be exceeded. This does not include the Team Manager’s value, or the value of their future MVP.
  • There must be a formal agreement between the Team Manager and the Player, so Team Managers cannot just go through the Player List and cherry-pick the cream of the crop.
  • Once a Pre-Draft Signing is made, the player will be contacted and can veto the signing if they wish, at any point before the Pre-Draft window closes.

The Player List will show any signings that have been made, and a comprehensive list of all squads as they start taking shape.


If you don’t get approached in the pre-draft stage as never fear, as then we enter the player drafts which will be run as snake drafts as Team Captains towards the end of the month look to fill the remaining spots in the teams.

Team Captains with the lowest number of signings get to pick first, and where teams have the same number of signings, the lowest team value gets priority. Team Captains will have to submit their list of choices before each draft. 

There will be a separate MVP draft around this time as well to allow Team Captains to bid for those more prominent individuals and we’ll cover that in more detail in future updates.

Once the drafts are completed, any teams still missing players will be allocated a player using the Random Wheel of Misfortune. 

A list of final teams will be announced as we approach the start of the season, and the competition kicks off in Gameweek 2.


Look for further updates over the next couple of weeks as announce the team captains, release the player list and get ready for the drafts but for now sign up, get involved and enjoy the ride!