The winners of our FPL ‘guess the price’ competition

We can reveal the winners of our ‘guess the price’ competition after Fantasy Premier League (FPL) was relaunched for 2022/23.

Last month, Fantasy Football Scout regulars TopMarx and circusmonkey asked you to take your best stab at guessing the starting price of 20 players who were either expected to rise or fall in cost or were new/returning entrants.

A full-year Fantasy Football Scout Premium Membership was on offer to the entrant with the most correct guesses, with monthly Premium Memberships going to those in second and third.


We had a clear winner of this competition: Ottoeder got 14 out of 20 correct, two more than anyone else.

A total of 14 site users guessed 12 prices correctly, with Sau06 and Ramboros being drawn at random to claim the second and third prizes.

Congratulations to our winners – email to claim your prizes.


Correctly predicted
  • £7.0m – Eddie Nketiah
  • £5.5m – Jacob Ramsey
  • £6.0m – Ben Chilwell
  • £6.0m – Reece James
  • £6.5m – Aleksandar Mitrovic
  • £8.0m – James Maddison
  • £8.0m – Luis Diaz
  • £7.0m – Joao Cancelo
  • £11.5m – Erling Haaland
  • £10.0m – Bruno Fernandes
  • £6.0m – Bruno Guimaraes
  • £12.0m – Son Heung-min
  • £8.0m – Dejan Kulusevski
  • £8.5m – Jarrod Bowen
Incorrectly predicted (ACTUAL PRICE V PREDICTED PRICE)
  • £8.0m vs £7.5m – Bukayo Saka
  • £6.0m vs £7.0m – Conor Gallagher
  • £8.0m vs £7.5m – Dominic Calvert-Lewin
  • £7.5m vs £8.0m – Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • £13.0m vs £12.5m – Mohamed Salah
  • £7.5m vs £7.0m – Callum Wilson


Arguably Trent Alexander-Arnold‘s £7.5m price tag was the biggest shock to the Community. A total of 56 per cent confidently (but wrongly) predicted he would cost £8.0m; the Community was only more certain in Aleksandar Mitrovic coming in at £6.5m.

Nonetheless, 19.6 per cent correctly thought Alexander-Arnold would be £7.5m, compared to just 9.7 per cent who forecast Reece James being a reduced £6.0m.

Only Luis (Lucho) Diaz, with 7.9 per cent correctly thinking he would be £8.0m, had a lower proportion of successful guesses.

The average Community member got nine predictions correct, nailing the prices for Messrs Saka, Nketiah, Chilwell, Mitrovic, Maddison, Salah, Fernandes, Wilson and Kulusevski.

The majority thought Erling Haaland would be £12.0m and Diaz £9.0m, so that both players came in under those marks will be welcomed. The same applies to James and Joao Cancelo, whom most felt would be £0.5m dearer.

Son Heung-min and Jarrod Bowen, meanwhile, came in £0.5m more expensive than predicted.

Correctly predicted by the average Community entrant
  • £8.0m – Bukayo Saka
  • £7.0m – Eddie Nketiah
  • £6.0m – Ben Chilwell
  • £6.5m – Aleksandar Mitrovic
  • £8.0m – James Maddison
  • £13.0m – Mohamed Salah
  • £10.0m – Bruno Fernandes
  • £7.5m – Callum Wilson
  • £8.0m – Dejan Kulusevski
Incorrectly predicted by the average Community entrant (actual price vs predicted price)
  • £5.5m vs £6.0m – Jacob Ramsey
  • £6.0m vs £6.5m – Conor Gallagher
  • £6.0m vs £6.5m – Reece James
  • £8.0m vs £7.5m – Dominic Calvert-Lewin
  • £7.5m vs £8.0m – Trent Alexander-Arnold
  • £8.0m vs £9.0m – Luis Diaz
  • £7.0m vs £7.5m – Joao Cancelo
  • £11.5m vs £12.0m – Erling Haaland
  • £6.0m vs £6.5m – Bruno Guimaraes
  • £12.0m vs £11.5m – Son Heung-min
  • £8.5m vs £8.0m – Jarrod Bowen 

Managers were most split over what the price of Dejan Kulusevski would be: just 30.9 per cent (320 entrants) felt he would be £8.0m, the lowest majority of any player. Howeveer, £8.0m ended up being his average price with managers unable to agree if he would cost more or less.