Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers pre-draft signing commences

Let’s meet the Stars of our Show

The time has come to announce the team captains for this year’s Community Tournament and there are a lot of them as we have supersized this year’s competition with 48 teams due to take place in FPL warfare over the coming season.

You can learn more about the competition in our previous articles here:

and of course, watch the video here if you prefer your explanations a little more visual:

There are trophies to be won as well as bragging rights as the teams compete in a little friendly rivalry.


If you want to take part and put yourself up for transfer, then please remember to complete this form by 25th July. Quite simply if you don’t register then you can’t be signed up by a team. It literally takes 5 mins – so what are you waiting for! 

Registration Form – Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers


Well, here goes, let me introduce you to this year’s team captains, who will be recruiting their teams over the coming weeks, deciding on team selection and keeping up team morale over the competition.

They are…

FPL_Mihir AsFach Chaballer Danelius Darth_Krid Fanteamlagdon FPL Auto Pick FPL Banger FPL Dan FPL Double_Eagle FPL Inzaghi FPL JUiCE FPL Noble Gent FPL Ron Manager FPL Solomons FPL Spaceman FPL Transfer Tips FPLLens FPL_Panda FPL_TT fplbinary fpldeadlyledley FPLHaul FplRichie FplToni fplviking_ GauravGharge JohnnyRev7 kapilramcharan lansdelltoby Legendfpl Lexx Katz Luthfi Aditia Masvansa Team Naman Bhardwaj Narcos Pirlos Pen Ryan – Football Chatbox Ryan Molesworth SamuraiGaijin Spatburgunder Speedy sreethe1 Srinii vas Tarek Kira – KiraFPL Tierno85 Understanding f8 Zeeshan (Showman)


The closing date for applications is fast approaching and official recruitment can now start. Remember if you are not registered then you will not be able to join a team! 

Current available players and prices can be found 

Player Price List – Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers

More players will be added to the list as they register, if a captain approaches you then you will need to sign up to make it official, see it like taking a pre-transfer medical.

Every single player will be allocated a Player Value between £5m-100m, based on their final Overall Rank finishes in the last three seasons in Fantasy Premier League (FPL). 

The lower your average rank, the higher your value. Player Values are not static until the closing date of applications and will change as more players sign up for the game, so don’t be surprised to see your value change slightly as we go through the signing window.

I am sure now the captains have been announced there may be some behind the scenes approaches but remember the golden rules:-

  1. Players must be registered 
  2. Team size is 16 including a captain and an MVP, speaking of which…
  3. MVPs cannot be recruited outside of the draft (the names are listed below)
  4. Team captains will have a budget of £1,000 million to spend on Pre-Draft signings and player prices will be dependent on last three year’s FPL history.
  5. Both sides must agree so players will be asked to confirm they are happy to join a team and finally…
  6. Players must be registered (did I mention that already?). 

The MVP list is as follows:-

Magnus Carlsen, Pras, Az, Lateriser, TedTalks, Joe Lepper, Andy North, Holly Shand, Geoff Dance, Mark Sutherns, Seb Wassell, FPL Salah, FPL Family Sam, FPL Focal, Tom Freeman, Adam Hopcroft, Sonaldo, FPL champion Jamie Pigott, FPL Hints and…

Hall of Fame types Jon Ballantyne, Mark Mansfield, Dan Bennett, Matt Corbridge, Tom Stephenson plus…

FPL Harry, Big Man Bakar, Zophar, Flapjack, Andy Martin, Morten Tveito, Luke Williams and Fabio Borges.

A pretty impressive list I am sure you will agree.


Dates for your diaries over the next few weeks are:-

Pre-Draft Transfer Window Opens – 17th July

Closing Date for Player Application – 25th July

Pre-Draft Window Closes – 29th July

Player and MVP Drafts – TBC

Teams Announced – 6th August

Tournament Kicks Off – 13th August

Plenty to look forward to, so register and put yourself in the shop window as the captains start their recruitment drive. 

Your Community needs YOU!