FFScout Head-to-Head Leagues 2022/23

The FFScout Head-to-Head Leagues are back for a fourth season. Our previous winners are Craig Johnson (19/20), Ville Tuominen (20/21) and of course the reigning champion Martin Stubbs (21/22) who snatched the title on the last day of the season.

Both Martin and Craig will remain in League 1 and will attempt to become two-time champions. Meanwhile, the 2020/21 winner Ville finished 16th and is therefore relegated to League 2. He joins the 1936/37 Manchester City team in becoming champions one year only to be relegated the following season.

As per previous seasons, we are using an entry league on FPL to collate all the entries and you must be in this league by the Gameweek 1 deadline to take part. THE LEAGUE CODE IS: vhuv6z

Those that entered and remained in last season’s entry league throughout last season should be automatically entered but please do check though, the league is called “FFS H2H League – Entry (vhuv6z)”. Anyone new to this competition or those that left the entry league (it was only used to collect all the entries in one place) mid-season must enter the code above to sign up.

We currently have over 5,000 entries and I’m hopeful this year’s tournament will be the biggest yet after year-on-year growth.

2019/2020 Season – 5,828 entries

2020/2021 Season – 8,316 entries

2021/2022 Season – 8,383 entries

After the Gameweek 1 deadline has passed, we’ll be working hard to calculate all the promotion and relegations and creating the Divisions and fixtures accordingly. The aim is to have it all live on site for Gameweek 2, but I should point out that everyone will still have a Gameweek 1 fixture – you just won’t know who you have played until after the event.

For those that weren’t aware of these leagues or are new to FFScout a pyramid structure is used as shown below;

League 1 – 1 Division

League 2 – 2 Divisions

League 3 – 4 Divisions

League 4 – 8 Divisions

League 5 – 16 Divisions

League 6 – 32 Divisions

League 7 – 64 Divisions

League 8 – 128 Divisions

League 9 – 256 Divisions (only 165 Divisions used 2021/22)

There are 20 teams in each division and teams play each other twice over the course of the season. All the leagues and fixtures are published on the FFScout site and a link will be created in due course. The league tables are updated live as the Gameweek progresses. At the end of the year, five teams will be promoted from each division to a division in the league above. And 10 teams will be relegated from each division to a division in the league below. 

For the first season, teams were sorted according to their HoF rank, the best-ranked managers going in League 1 and so on. The Divisions are all weighted equally, so if you’re in League 4 Division 1 you are at the same level as all the other Divisions within League 4.

The same structure will be used for the 2022/23 season however the exact details will depend on the final number of entries. Should we have more people playing than last year we may require a 10th league. This does mean that some teams could be relegated from League 9 but that can only be determined once we have the final entry numbers.

Of course, for the 2022/23 season teams are now placed depending on last season’s performances in their respective Divisions. Five teams would have been promoted, five teams will remain in the same League and the remaining 10 will be relegated down a League. Any new entries, that didn’t play last year, will be put into the lower Leagues and their HoF rank will be used to determine where exactly they will be placed.

A further article will be published when we have the exact entry numbers and then again when the fixtures and tables are generated. Just a quick shout-out again to Geoff, Mat, TopMarx and Red Lightning for their hard work behind the scenes. Red Lightning was particularly helpful to me with his Hot Topic community updates whilst I went AWOL (work and family commitments took over).

Now that things have settled down for me personally, I’m anticipating posting more articles throughout the season, even more so now that I’ll be helped by Lord. from the FFScout community.

Please do post any questions below and I’ll attempt to answer before the GW1 deadline.