How the all-time best FPL managers set up for Gameweek 2

Every Gameweek here at Fantasy Football Scout, we bring you analysis of the teams and chip usage of the leading Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers via the excellent LiveFPL website.

Usually we concentrate on the top 10,000 but we’re in the very early stages of the campaign and the front-runners are still jostling for position.

So instead, we’ll mostly take a quick look at how some of the FPL bosses with the best season histories are set up for Gameweek 2.


Much like our very own Hall of Fame, the LiveFPL site features its own list of the leading 1,000 FPL managers of all time.

You can see the top 10 above, with a very familiar name at the top of the pile.

Other notable names you may recognise further down the list include Finn Sollie (2nd), John Canning (43rd), Pranil ‘Lateriser’ Sheth (52nd), Mark Sutherns (88th) and one of our new recruits for the 2022/23 season, Obay Eid (125th).



How the all-time best FPL managers set up for Gameweek 2 2

One obvious thing to note is the rise in Erling Haaland‘s (£11.7m) ownership, which sat at 64.7% in Gameweek 1.

Harry Kane‘s (£11.4m) own ownership figure dropped from 35.6% to 5.6%, with the straight swap between the two forwards accounting for the majority of the 30% swing: 275 of the 1,000 managers featured here did that exact move.

The market movement was limited elsewhere, though, with over 60% of these bosses rolling a transfer. Expect the overall picture to be shaken up a bit more in Gameweek 3, when our hall of famers have two moves at their disposal.

Over two-thirds of them have a decision to be made over Leon Bailey (£5.0m) after the Aston Villa man’s benching in Gameweek 1, while 44% may be mulling over Pedro Neto‘s (£5.5m) output and short-term points prospects.

4-4-2 remains the most-selected formation, with over 90% owning a £4.5m forward of some variety and Andreas Pereira (£4.5m) sitting in 93.6% of squads. Neco Williams (£4.0m) is in almost two-thirds of these teams, meanwhile.

2.1% of these historic high achievers saw enough on the opening weekend to play their Wildcard and most of them – 18 of the 21 – shaped it around Darwin Nunez (£9.1m). Time will tell if that was a sage, bandwagon-beating move or an overreaction to the Uruguayan’s returns against Fulham.

While we’re not overly interested in the top 10k at this early stage, the average Wildcard played within this leading bunch shows a similar keen interest in Darwin and a move towards a lighter-in-midfield set-up:

How the all-time best FPL managers set up for Gameweek 2 3
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