FPL Live Hall of Fame update: Where do you rank?

Our Live Hall of Fame has been given an update for the start of the new season.

Fantasy Football Scout can now access the new Fantasy Premier League (FPL) IDs of all the managers on the list and click through to their teams.

With only two Gameweeks’ worth of points in 2022/23, we’re not going to concentrate too much on the refreshed rankings but will give a brief overview of how the top 10 have set up their squads for the new campaign.


For the uninitiated, the Hall of Fame is a ranking system applied to everyone who takes part in either of our FPL mini-leagues.

Managers’ past and present performances are then tracked to give a Hall of Fame (HoF) rating.

The Live version of our Hall of Fame can only be viewed by Premium Members but everyone can access the Career Hall of Fame by clicking here.

Further information on the Hall of Fame is included at the bottom of this article, but alternatively, you can view this movie to listen to Mark Sutherns and Rate My Team’s Chris Atkinson discuss the feature.

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FPL Hall of Fame update: Where do you rank?

Jon Ballantyne (12th to 8th), Niall O’Connor (14th to 9th) and Abdul Rehman (16th to 10th) have all climbed into the top 10.

David Williams (7th to 11th), Petter Yilmaa (10th to 12th) and Matt Corbidge (5th to n/a) have made way but the 2022/23 campaign is still in its embryonic stage.

The top seven were all part of our Career Hall of Fame top 10 at the end of last season.


It’s all very predictable when we look at the squad make-up of the top 10, with nine players and a £4.5m forward featuring in every team.

As for the ‘third’ Liverpool asset, six went for Luis Diaz (£8.0m) and the other four plumped for Andrew Robertson (£7.0m).

Six have a second Manchester City defender on their books in the form of Ruben Dias (£6.0m) or Kyle Walker (£5.1m), while half own Neco Williams (£4.0m).

While all 10 own Danny Ward (£4.0m), only three have him as their undisputed number one: the other seven either have Aaron Ramsdale (£5.0m) or Robert Sanchez (£4.5m).


How is my rating calculated?
The “HoF Rating” is based on your points scores from previous FPL seasons, with the latest season weighted the heaviest and each preceding season weighted at roughly 80% of the one that followed. So, in other words, those who performed best in 2021/22 will receive a bigger HoF Rating boost from those who did best in 2007/08. The “HoF Ranking” even allows for those with missing years, adapting the formula accordingly to allow rookies to rank alongside the veterans of FPL.

How do I join the Hall of Fame
Simply sign up to our leagues next season, either the Fantasy Football Scout league or, if you’re a member, the Fantasy Football Scout Members’ league – the code for the latter will be available on the dashboard of the Members’ Area after launch.

How do I find myself in the Hall of Fame?
The search box at the top of the ranking tables allows you to search by surname or by FPL ID.

What if I don’t want to be listed?
Either notify us via support@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk or simply leave the relevant Fantasy Football Scout FPL league and you’ll be removed on the next update.

When does the Hall of Fame get updated?
The Career table is available to all and is updated at the end of each season to display the latest yearly rankings. The Live version, accessible only to Members, is updated sporadically throughout the season to reflect the scores of the current campaign.