Fantasy Football managers asked to participate in mental health study

Researchers at The University of West London, La Trobe University and Nottingham Trent University are investigating the impact of Fantasy Football on its most passionate fans – and they want your help.

It has become a huge global game and continues to grow each year. Despite this, little is known about the positive and negative mental effects that involvement in Fantasy Football may have on individuals, with only one previous study on this topic currently published (Wilkins et al., 2021). The study you are invited to take part in focuses on this topic and aims to build on what we know so far.

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Participation involves completing a questionnaire. In addition, you will be asked five open-ended questions about your experiences of playing Fantasy Football, as well as questions about your behaviours and attitudes concerning the game.

You will also be asked about your personality and the potential effects that playing Fantasy Football has on your mental health and more general emotions. It is estimated that the study will take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

All data will remain confidential and anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or any other identifying features at any point. You are free to not answer any questions which you do not wish to answer. However, questions you do answer must be answered as truthfully and honestly as possible for us to obtain accurate findings.

Only the principal investigators involved can access the study data, which may also be used in future reports such as academic journals and conference presentations. However, again, no individual will be identifiable through such publication.

Participants are free to withdraw at any point, either during the data collection stage or for up to three weeks following it, by contacting the research team and providing the unique code they generated at the start of the questionnaire pack. In this eventuality, all of the withdrawing participant’s data will be destroyed immediately.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the questionnaire – or the topic in general – please feel free to contact Dr Jamie Churchyard at

You can begin the survey by clicking here


Wilkins, L., Dowsett, R., Zaborski, Z., Scoles, L., & Allen. P. M (2021). Exploring the mental health of individuals who play fantasy football. Human Behaviour and Emerging Technologies, 3, 1004-1022.