How to play the live, fun Fantasy Football game Fanslide

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If you’ve ever watched a live match and wished you had more of these players in your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) line-up, Fanslide is just the game for you.

Played live on one-off matches, this unique new game lets you have all of them, just at different times. Created by a group of football-loving friends from London, Fanslide’s ‘in-play Fantasy Football’ is free-to-play and is already a big hit with fans.

Fanslide: Don’t just watch the game, PLAY the game!

How to play Fanslide

You can select three players at any one time, ‘sliding’ them in when you think they’re about to have an impact on the match – be that scoring a goal or by winning tackles, blocking shots etc.

Time must be managed wisely, with each player having a 20-minute maximum. You can slide players in and out whenever you want, whether it’s based on your reading of the match or to save unused time for later in the game.

You get three free slides per half but the rest will cost two points unless it’s due to time expiry. The full rules are here.

How to score points

Players earn single, double or treble points depending upon which spot you slide them into, with live Opta data displayed on a vidiprinter to show which players are winning and losing points for their actions.

Compared to FPL, there are loads more ways to gain or lose points.

So if Mohamed Salah is in the ‘x3’ slot and scores a goal, say hello to 60 points! Meanwhile, three Bournemouth defenders that don’t concede in the opening 20 minutes will pick up 30 clean sheet points plus whatever they earn for defensive actions.

A goalkeeper who makes three saves in the first 20 minutes without conceding will earn three points for each, plus five for the clean sheet to total 14.

“Fanslide adds a whole new layer of excitement when you’re watching football on TV. It’s immersive and interactive and while you’re competing against your mates and the rest of the world, you’re also seeing the game through a different lens, noticing players and their contributions in a new way.”

“We wanted to create a better way of adding excitement to football than just betting on it, and with Fanslide you can use your knowledge and reading of the game to win. If you’d like to deposit and bet on the outcome of your games, you can choose to do so in a safe and sustainable way, but Fanslide is and always will be, free-to-play.” – founder Joe Cocozza

Top tips

When first visiting the app, users are invited to the Fanslide Acadamy to learn more about how to play the game. It includes a few tips and hints, such as:

  • Be patient. Don’t just slide in the best players at the start.
  • Use your three free slides per half to make tactical changes.
  • Use the weakest team’s defenders early – if they hold out for 20 minutes, you’ll get a good haul and still have premium assets for later.
  • Wing-backs score a lot of points for winning corners and dribbles but check to see what position they are given in the game, as they may not be eligible for clean sheet points.
  • Goalkeepers can score heavily when under pressure, so don’t be afraid to use them.
  • With each team now allowed five substitutions per match, think about which players are likely to be taken off early. Use their 20 minutes beforehand.
  • Avoid players who pick up a lot of yellow cards in the ‘x3’ slot. A foul that attracts a yellow card will bring -21 points.
  • Don’t give up! A Perfect Fanslide Goal (PFG) with the goal scorer trebled and assister doubled will net you 80 points.
Fanslide: Don’t just watch the game, PLAY the game! 2

How to get involved

Yet the best way to learn is by getting stuck into a live match. Join the Fantasy Football Scout group on Fanslide by clicking here.

Fanslide is free to play but contains an option for players to deposit and place bets. You must be 18 or older to play and if you do choose to deposit money and place bets, please always remember to gamble responsibly.



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