Last chance to enter the Last Man Standing competition

Season ten of the unofficial Fantasy Football Scout Last Man Standing (LMS) competition is going well, with 644 managers remaining after Gameweek 21’s eliminations.

The aim of this survival game is simple: keep your team above the elimination mark each week, stay until the end and you have a shot at winning free Scout membership for the 2023/24 season, alongside bragging rights.

There is one last chance for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) participants to enter, should they realise their team has reached each week’s safety score. For a reminder of what LMS is and how it works, click here.


To check that your team can qualify, each Gameweek’s safety scores are below.

Pass each of these? Great, you can enter using code 88xxin on the ‘Join Invitational League and Cup’ page.

The Gameweek 22 deadline will be the closing time for entries, whilst known banned Fantasy Football Scout posters will be removed.


After points hits are taken into account, a percentage of teams will get eliminated each Gameweek.

  • Gameweeks 22 – 25: The bottom 10% or equal.
  • Gameweeks 26 – 30: The bottom 12%, 14%, 16%, 18% and 20% respectively.
  • Gameweeks 31 – 32: The bottom 25% and 30% respectively.
  • Gameweeks 33 – 34: The bottom 36% and 42% respectively.
  • Gameweeks 35: The bottom 50% or equal.
  • Gameweek 36: Everyone but the top four.
  • Gameweek 37: The top four or equal from Gameweek 36 make the Final, with the winner taking the title (overall rank will decide a tiebreak).


  • 13/14: Nice To Finally Michu – 4,904th overall – 1128 entrants
  • 14/15: Isco Disco – 258th overall – 1783 entrants
  • 15/16: Miro – 284th overall – 3445 entrants
  • 16/17: Hakchak – 75th overall – 3866 entrants
  • 17/18: Jam0sh – 34,116th overall – 4735 entrants
  • 18/19: Villaweeal – 14,224th overall – 4614 entrants
  • 19/20: Eduardo Cruz – 6,111th overall – 5108 entrants
  • 20/21: The Hsuper One – 17,452nd overall – 4557 entrants
  • 21/22: G00li0 – 489th overall – 3513 entrants


Entry to LMS will close at 4pm (GMT) on Friday 3 February.

There are a lot of Scout users who are still eligible to enter, so make sure you load your FPL history page, check the safety scores above and get yourselves involved!

We’re looking forward to a late rush of entries and seeing a new bunch of teams in one of the toughest Fantasy Football competitions to win.

Good luck to all participants.

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