Strikers Keepers, Losers Weepers: MD17 – Seven matches to go until the Cup tournaments begin

Not that Boris wishes to gloss over his team’s first loss since MatchDay 12, but it is surely time to start preparing you all for the fast approaching second stage of the tournament – the Cups! Six more Head-to-Head matches for all teams, meaning there are a further 18 points on offer for you all to try and procure, and hopefully send your teams flying up the H2H league tables.

Head-to-Head Showdown in GW29

MatchDay 23 (GW28 in FPL terms, starting on 18th March) will be the final H2H league fixture. After this it all starts to become interesting, because to decide the ultimate league winners, we will have to have a showdown between the two leagues, Jules and Rimet. First place in the Jules league will play first place in the Rimet league to decide the H2H league champions, and second will play second in the same manner, as will the rest of the league – you get the picture. 

Penalty Shootouts

THERE CAN BE NO DRAWS. And no, Greyhead, that does not mean you need to go commando, it means that each tie must have a winner! Therefore all matches that end full time without a clear winning scoreline will go to penalties. The format for this is easy (ish). Each starting player will go up against the opposition keeper, and if the keepers FPL score is lower, the shooter scores a penalty for his team. Most penalties scored wins the match, if there is still no clear winner following all the pens then the goalkeepers go up against each other – whichever keeper has the highest FPL score will win the match for their team.

Cup Competitions, starting in GW30

Following the thrilling H2H showdown, we begin three Cup competitions, each consisting of three double legged rounds (Round of 16, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals), culminating in a single fixture Final in each cup competition in GW37.

Danelius Cup of Champions

Named after last season’s Cup Champion team manager Danelius, this desirable trophy can only be won by teams who finish within the top eight of both leagues, for clarity this is the green zone on the H2H league table, whether you win your showdown match or not. First place will play eighth place in the opposite league, second will play seventh, etc. These are knockout matches, so there must be a winning team who will progress to the next stage.

Greyhead Cup of Shame Glory

Named after the team manager who won this cup last time around, the format is the same as above, but only teams in the yellow zone of the H2H league table can take part. Ninth place faces 16th from the opposite league, 10th faces 15th etc. Again, these are knockout games.

Auto-Select Cup of Variance, aka the Wooden Spoon

The trophy no team wants to win. Only teams in the red zone of the H2H league table are forced to participate in this race to avoid ridicule. In this cup the losers progress to the next stage, with the ultimate losers being forced to take the wooden spoon. Same format as above otherwise, 17th plays 24th from the opposite league, 18th plays 23rd etc.

Penalty shootouts for double-legged fixtures

These will work in the same way except each starting player will be pitting their combined personal FPL score over both legs against the same of the opposition keeper’s. Also the keeper facing the penalties will be the keeper from the second leg NOT the first one. The same tie breaker will take place with keeper vs keeper should all pens still leave the match as a draw.

And with that, time for the latest scores in MD17…


Qatar Heroes 2 – 1 King Otto’s Grecians

Despite no heroics in the H2Hs for the home team, their two squad goals proved enough to get them a narrow victory. A consolation goal for Klr149 as striker, had their Arsenal and Man City differentials done the business the result may have been the other way around.

Hand of Zoff 1 – 2 Maradona Kebab

The Kebabs said hands off to their opponents, who despite grabbing a striker goal via Fpl Lost, AND a clean sheet from FPL Tombz, succumbed to a 2-1 loss to the away side. A major upset that sees the Kebabs climb up into 21st place.

Kahn you feel the Löw tonight? 2 – 1 Petr Cech Yourself

This one will no doubt please home team manager Narcos greatly. Despite losing the squad match, he got his H2H absolutely spot on. Both Narcos himself and fellow striker Abhishek Hota scored a goal apiece and combined with a 100 fpl point shutout from goalkeeper FPL Ghost managed that rare comeback win. Petr Cech yourselves for burns lads, the Kahns are on fire!

Not That Easy Ferguso 0 – 3 Fontaine of Knowledge

A comfortable win without frills for the Fontaines, who would have enjoyed Gnonto’s exquisite strike more than most as it gave them an even bigger lead. This win sees them fly into the green zone, having won five of their last six fixtures.

Ruud, Where’s My Kahn? 0 – 4 A Wenger’s Endgame

Oof! The Wengers most certainly played without their handbrake on. In fact it seems the sunroof was open and the throttle was full on as they put four goals past the Ruuds. FPL Gato scored a brace with Joe also chipping in with a third goal, and the squad did the rest. Anthony in goal just did enough to stop the home strikers making a game of it.

Sheikh’s Daylight ‘Ribery’ 1 – 2 It’s a Wonderful Cruyff

Sreethe1 got his H2H selections almost perfect, with a goal from striker Trust John, and a shutout from keeper Daitheboot. A draw may have been a fairer result, but those two extra FPL points for Tarek’s squad players just squeaked them into the lead before the final whistle.

Sheikh, Blatter and Raul 1 – 1 The Neymar-less Ones

This was a real showdown, nearly the match of the week. FPLNima’s Neymar-less side were looking to extend their lead at the top of the table, but found themselves pulled back for a draw despite winning the squad match by only seven points. Auto Select’s home side got their H2H selections almost perfect, and stole a draw from the jaws of defeat thanks to a goal from Raish, and a shut out from keeper FPL Jeb.

Murder on Zidane’s Floor 1 – 4 Cafu Good Men

Complete and utter destruction at the discotheque, as FPL JUICE’s side pulled themselves back into contention, level with league leaders The Neymar-less Ones at least on points, with a devastatingly ruthless victory against home side veterans the Zidanes. Nikolasw81 did score a striker goal for the home team, and FPL JUICE himself got onto the scoresheet too.

Silence of the Lahms 1 – 1 I Gerd Müller a Pint

A cracking match that ended in a draw, but the Lahms will surely regret benching their strongest player, as a 2-0 victory may have been on the cards had Josh Bratch been included in the starting line up. Notable performances from David Squires (one striker goal) and team manager kapilramcharan who had his gloves on.

Neto that Hauland 2 – 0 No Koeman No Cry

MVP Mark Sutherns did the business between the sticks, repelling all shots on goal, and the Hauland’s squad did the rest, putting two goals in the Koeman’s net. No fancy twirls or tricks, a proper Dyche performance from the home side.

Fabio Cannavariance 4 – 4 Sweet 2FA

Match of the week alert!!! An exceptional performance from both sides, as the Sweets dominated the squad performance scoring four goals with the highest squad score of the week (944). More jaw-droppingly incredible was the comeback from the Fabio’s strikers, a brace each(!!) for Owen Futter and FplStatsdan, and a shutout for keeper Jack, meant the home side managed to get themselves a draw!

Klose Than Ever 1 – 2 Cameroon Diaz

The Kloses did come close, and managed a striker goal from Krish. But a goal for opposition striker TheOverthinker combined with a squad goal for the Cameroons meant the three points went to the away side.


Cafu Good Men fight their way back to be level on points with The Neymar-less Ones, who are only clinging on to the top spot due to goal difference. No Koeman No Cry have perhaps sobbed themselves dry, after suffering their sixth straight defeat and find themselves at the bottom of the table.


Vuvu Zizou 1 – 3 Fangs of Suarez

The Fangs put extra pressure on the league leaders Zlatan Ibra-hamster-vic with a fine win over the Zizous who continued their struggling form. Their striker FPL_Lew did score as striker, but two squad goals and a striker goal for FPL Insights put the game to bed, leaving the Fangs in second place.

Son of a Gün 3 – 0 Baggio Trousers

Following a stuttering restart to the post-World Cup campaign, the Günners beat the Baggios to return to form. There wasn’t much more Darth Krid could have done to stop his opposition manager, as he got his selections pretty much spot on. Sometimes you just have to surrender to the madness…

Pjanic at the Disco 3 – 2 Lució and the Viking Seaman

The Vikings did everything right, but the Pjanics held their nerve to hold on for a win. Three squad goals for FPL Double_Eagle’s side just proved enough despite a late surge from fplviking’s strikers Pingreen and The FPL Hangover Podcast, and fine performance from lucyhighnett their glove butler for the week.

Nusantaro Gauchos 1 – 1 Werner Bros

A fiercely contested draw, but a fair result all things considered. The Gauchos keeper, renalda, kept a cleanie, and striker Si Elang Hitam put them ahead briefly. But with a squad goal to bring them level, both teams will have to take pride in a well earned point each.

One Tchouameni 0 – 3 Gentleman’s Grealish

Three too many for the Tchouamenis, and the Gents eased past the home side both in this match and the league table. ChewieFPL scored the only striker goal, FPL Focal kept the home strikers at bay, and two squad goals for FPL Noble Gent’s side made short work of it.

Shearer’s bunch of Flowers 1 – 4 Weah Robben Banks

It is beginning to look doubtful that the Flowers will be able to defend their cup title this season, as they’ll need to get to the green zone to be in with a chance. This capitulation against the veteran Robbens was not what the florist ordered. Raynitish got the consolation goal for Danelius’ side, but after that it was one way traffic as strikers johnnyrev7, and Krul Intentions grabbed a striker goal each to complement the brace of goals from the away sides squad.

Unbelievable Geoff 2 – 2 Britney’s Qatar Pounder with Greaves

The Geoffs managed a draw by the barest of margins, and were a single fpl point away from a loss, despite winning the squad match. The Briitney’s manager, Chaballer, pulled off a proper Conte-comeback getting goals from both his strikers, Jordie and Back on the horse, and a shutout from keeper Tony Hibbert. But with only two points from their last six matches, perhaps it’s fitting that the Britney’s looked destined to defend the cup they won last season.

The Sevens 1 – 2 Banyana Bafana

Another close match that this time ended in defeat for GauravGharge’s team, despite the manager scoring a goal himself! Alas his strike was matched by away striker Talha Nadeem, and a single squad goal for the Bafanas was enough the get them over the line.

Netflix and Chilwell 4 – 1 Cash Bandicoot FC

A closer match than the scoreline suggest, the Chilwells went on a scoring spree nonetheless. Goals for MoSalah FPL and FplToni doubled their squad goals to get them a comfortable win on paper, but a shout out to Zapster and his fine strike for the Bandicoots.

Shelby Company Limited 0 – 2 Garuda in Coupe de Monde 38

After three straight losses, team Garuda finally managed to get themselves back into winning ways, with Tom Stephenson grabbing a striker goal and keeper ncaneldiee repelling all attempts at his goal. The Shelbys will be rueing a lost chance to take advantage having lost the squad match by only four points.

HurriKane’s Mean Son’s Three Lions 3 – 0 Zlatan Ibra-hamster-vic

I guess the winning streak had to come at some point, although a better H2H selection may have earned the Hamsters at least a draw. A goal for the HurriKane’s striker Cak Juris, was the icing on the cake, after they scored a brace via their squad.

Ryan’s Ronaldos 0 – 2 Mercedes Benzema

The Benzemas bring themselves back to blustering brilliance, blowing the Ronaldos away with a two nil win. Ryan Football Chatbox looked on from the bench to see his striker Kse7en score a stunner, and goalkeeper Alanhooly repel all attempts from the Ronaldos strikers. The Cup of Champions may be out of touch now but they can still climb up for a chance of Glory.


Despite losing this week the Hamsters remain top, but with all ten teams directly below them picking up points, they will be feeling the heat. Fangs of Suarez and Banyana Bafana are hot on their squeaky tails!


Top scorer of the week was Aritravo with 108 points, followed by Annie (107) and Jack (104). Pingreen remains top of the strikers with 12 goals so far to his name, Chayuth Wongthongsri and PG battle it out for top goalkeepers, on 19 and 16 shutouts respectively. Boris has company at the top of the cumulative points table, with FPLAnalyst matching his 1,149 points amassed so far.


In the Jules league, Ruud, Where’s My Kahn? will be the next team facing the auspicious Neymar-less Ones, who can’t remember the last time they lost a game. Sheikh’s Daylight ‘Ribery’ will look to cause an upset when they face Cafu Good Men. And Fontaine of Knowledge will be fighting Hand of Zoff for the right to stay in the green zone.

In the Rimet league, the Hamsters will nervously face Netflix and Chilwell – can they retain their top spot? Weah Robben Banks will need to beat Nusantaro Gauchos if they want to stay in the green Champions Cup football zone. And the Shelbys take on the Benzemas as both teams will look to climb up into the yellow zone

To keep tabs on the live matchweek scores, click on this link.

For league tables, you can catch up via this link.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to all