FPL Blank/Double Gameweeks: Which teams have the best fixtures?

Blank/Double Gameweek 25, regulation Gameweek 26, Double Gameweek 27, Blank Gameweek 28, Double Gameweek 29…

Trying to make sense of the medium-term schedule is a head-scratcher for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers at present.

Tuesday’s announcement that Gameweek 29 will be a ‘double’ for 12 teams added to the confusion.

Here, we take an emergency ‘frisk’ of the fixtures for each Premier League club.

To do this, we’ll be using our customisable Season Ticker to help.

You can delete individual Gameweeks with this tool (see the highlighted trash can icons above), which can come in handy when a Free Hit is in play and you want to plan your free transfers around this chip.


The seven-week lookahead is shown in our Season Ticker above and is sorted by fixture difficulty.

It’s worth mentioning here that the full Blank Gameweek 28 picture will be known in a week’s time after the completion of the FA Cup fifth round. As many as 10 teams will blank, with the full details available here.

A bit further down the line, Blank Gameweek 32 will also feature between zero to four blanks as a result of the clash with the FA Cup semi-finals.

It’s not just the supposed quality of fixture that matters in the Season Ticker but also the quantity, with teams playing the highest number of games in with a better chance of appearing higher up.

Speaking of which…


No. of fixtures in Gameweeks 25-31
8 or 9 Liverpool
8 Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Nottingham Forest
7 or 8 Brentford, Brighton, Leeds, Leicester, Southampton, West Ham, Wolves
7 Newcastle
6 or 7 Fulham, Man City, Man Utd, Spurs

Liverpool will have the highest number of fixtures in Gameweeks 25-31 (nine) if, and only if, Fulham are knocked out by Leeds United in the FA Cup fifth round.

Manchester United will ‘double’ in Gameweek 29 but one blank is already confirmed (Gameweek 25) and another is very likely to follow in Gameweek 28, so they are set to end up with the joint-fewest number of games (six) throughout this period.

Fulham, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur don’t have any ‘doubles’ over the next six Gameweeks and could all blank in Gameweek 28; that looks very likely to happen in the cases of City and Spurs.

Two doubles/one possible blank Liverpool
Two doubles/one definite blank/one possible blank Brentford, Brighton
One double/no blanks Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Nottingham Forest
One double/one possible blank Leeds, Leicester, Southampton, West Ham, Wolves
One double/one definite blank Newcastle
One double/one definite blank/one possible blank Man Utd
No doubles/one possible blank Fulham, Man City, Spurs

Arsenal are among seven teams who guarantee FPL managers a fixture in each of the next seven Gameweeks.

Alll of these seven clubs also have one Double Gameweek apiece: Arsenal and Everton play twice in Gameweek 25, while Villa, Bournemouth, Chelsea, Palace and Forest all ‘double’ in Gameweek 29.


In this section, we look at the good and the bad of each Premier League club’s fixture run.

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