Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers: MD21 – The heat is on

The heat is on….

After a brief hiatus whilst, where Wildcards were played, Salah was reborn and we all got overexcited by the bees and the birds (seagulls in this case) I am back to give you a rundown of the all the latest goings-on in the Community Tournament.

With only a couple of games left of the league stage we are at the point of climax, before we ready ourselves for the knockout cups and the Super Smackdown Title decider. Whilst I am here a good opportunity to plug the FPL Meets event on Sunday 28th May, at the Thirsty Bear in London where the inaugural award ceremony will take place, think the Oscars on a budget. Boris is busy dry cleaning his ballgown and I unfortunately will be forced to wear a Bukayo Saka shirt but more on that later…

Show me the Prizes

With the ceremony in mind I thought it useful to remind you of the tournament structure going forward and of course the potential prizes to be won.

So, let’s start with the basics, the winners of the Jules League and Rimet League will each win a trophy as provided by FPL Merch, the final league match will be in Gameweek 28 and whoever is top will be crowned top dog. Yet, wait there is more, in Gameweek 29 there will be a one off H2H Smackdown Showdown between the two League champions to decide the ultimate league champion – there is a very cheap title belt to won!

Then from Gameweek 30 we move into the Knockout Cups, depending where the teams finish in the leagues they will compete for either the Champions League Trophy, the Greyhead Cup of Glory, or the Wooden Spoon. It will be a straightforward set of knockout competitions – the winners, or losers in the case of the Wooden Spoon, will all get a trophy to commemorate their success.

Right hopefully, that all makes sense but any questions please direct them to Boris, who is the brains of this outfit!

Shoot, almost forgot there will also be individual cups for the best striker, keeper and overall performer in the competition, but more on who is in pole position to win these later on in the update.

Back to the Action – Jules League Results

What happened this week? Here are the results from the action in Matchday 21.

Qatar Heroes 1-4 A.Wenger’s Endgame

This went to the form book, as a goal apiece from Simonsaysfpl and FPL Flair was only added to by the Marvellous A.Wengers squad of superheroes, FPL Evolution at least got a goal back but the Qatar Heroes look like they will be riffing to the sound of the Wooden Spoon knockout.

Fontaine of Knowledge 0-2 It’s a Wonderful Cryuff

Both teams were on a hot streak going into this but it was the Wonderful Ones who left feeling, well wonderful when Pete Richards knocked in a goal before a slim squad advantage gave them a win. The wise Fontaines will need to be smart to keep their place in the Champions League positions.

Petr Cech Yoursef 0-3 The Neymar-less Ones

Two old rivals went head to head this week as team captains FPL Mihir and FPL Nima pitted wits against one another, FPL Marcin unfortunately was too busy self-examining to see Andy Mac and Bobby Love knock goals past him and that pretty much sealed the deal. It also means the Neymar-less Ones go joint top and Nima has the champagne on ice….

Maradona Kebab 0-1 Cafu Good Men

Talking of rivalry, this was FPL Juice versus FPL Dan who had exchanged a few verbals in the pre-season due to some aggressive transfer tactics. This was tighter than a well-wrapped kebab as Cafu Good Men edged the match by just two points, this puts them joint top with Nima’s lot.

King Otton’s Grecians 4-3 I Gerd Muller a Pint

The generous Germans had been no.1 in the Jules League until this result and they certainly can’t question the contribution of Umberto who scored two goals in this thrilling contest. Unfortunately it was not enough, and the regal Grecians won out the day to leave Fanteamlagdon regretting his decision to bench Jack Bradbury‘s 84 points.

Hand of Zoff 2-6 No Koeman No Cry

The Dutchmen without tear ducts have for most of the season being lurking in the basement of the Jules League but there is a resurgence as this is their third win a row, as they scored six past the Hand of Zoff with FPL Ducks, HP van Doorn and Tim all scoring in the seventies.

Kahn you feel the Low Tonight 3-1 Sweet 2FA

Narcos and his lovable lions recovered well from a brief stumble last week and my outside bet to reach the premier Champions League competition, FPL Darkest Knight and Vinay Dhareshwar both got a goal apiece and they could even afford to bench their two highest scorers in this comfortable victory.

Not that Easy Ferguso 1-2 Cameroon Diaz

The sassy Cameroons won out in a tight affair, the competition has proved to be not that easy for Not that Easy Ferguso, whilst their opponents will have an eye on the prize after an undefeated run of five matches.

Ruud, Where’s My Kahn 0-1 Klose than Ever

This game came down to just a four point gap, and Ruud, Where’s My Kahn are looking a bit confused as they drop down the table. A mention to FPL Codebreaker who’s 77 had a part to play in the squad victory.

Sheikh’s Daylight Ribery 0-8 Fabio Cannavariance

While, the last game was close, this was anything but with Fabio scoring eight this week after hitting nine in the last matchday, they are slipping. Queen Cola‘s score of 90 was a highlight as were the two goals from dilksy.

Sheikh, Blatter and Raul 8-0 Neto that Hauland

The analytical rivals of Fabio Cannavariance thought anything you can do we can do equally as well with the Tournament’s rock and rollers scoring eight with The FPL Kiwi netting a zesty 94 in the process. I suspect FPL Lens will regret benching El Statto and El Godfather Mark Sutherns.

Murder on Zidane’s Floor 1-5 Silence of the Lahms

A mid-table massacre as the Lahms took a cannibalistic bite out of the disco dwellers beating them with a convincing five goals, and probably a drop of Chianti.

Here’s what it means to the league table, with Cafu Good Men and The Neymar-less Ones neck and neck at the top with just goal difference separating them, I Gerd Muller a Pint are not far behind. Still all to play for when it comes to qualification for the Champions League Knock Out with the teams down to 15th all still able to qualify.

Rimet League Results

Vuvu Zizou 4-2 Gentleman’s Grealish

The horn blowers finally have something to toot their instruments about as they have managed three wins a row, if they move out the wooden spoon spots that would be a lazarus type comeback. The Gentleman’s Grealish were on the wrong side of the result this time round, despite a fine couple of goals from Fitzy.

Werner Bros 3-3 Weah Robben Banks

A cinematic spectacular as the Werner Bros looks to have stolen the limelight with two goals from Camzy and one from FPL Wahoo, however they didn’t bank on the money grabbers make a fine comeback to draw level.

Lucio and the Viking Seaman 1-5 Britney’s Qatar Pounders with Greaves

Finally, the Britneys had something to sing about as they went supersize on the Viking Seaman, goals from the always punctual Jordie and the always laid back Chaballer gave the pop superstars the advantage before the rest of the squad joined, with Back on the Horse showing his thoroughbred status with 80.

Baggio Trousers 2-0 Banyana Bafana

Many expected the league leaders (before this matchday) to win out here but Darth_Krid underscored his managerial prowess by masterminding a fine victory for Baggio Trousers, either that or they were lucky enough to have more Mitomas than Banyana Bafana.

Fangs of Suarez 1-0 Cash Bandicoot FC

The vampiric Fangs took a bite out of the Bandicoots with an important victory that sees them reach the pinnacle of the Rimet League, their team captain Understanding F8 seems to have an understanding of winning formula.

Son of a Gun 1-4 Garuda in Coupe de Monde 38

FPL Richie was said to have locked himself in the dressing room with his German wood carving collection after a thumping defeat, Pep_Talk has taken temporary charge of proceedings which in itself is a worry. They can still mathematically win the league but it’s becoming a long shot for the Guns.

Zlatan Ibra-hamster-vic 3-2 Pjanic at the Disco

Some benching disasters here as this week’s top scorer Torres Love was left on the side-lines for the Hamsters as was Nejc for the fretting dancers, away from all that this was a good win for Toby and his rodents who are now just one point off the top spot with two games to go. Unfortunately, due to a misjudged bet that my team, the Britneys, would finish above the Hamsters, it means I now have lost the forfeit and will wear an Arsenal shirt at the awards bash.

Nusantara Gauchos 1-2 Mercedes Benzema

After a fine campaign the Gauchos have lost their way a bit and find themselves in midtable, in this outing they lost out to Mercedes Benzema who raced away with the victory, with a goal apiece from Alanhooly and Roulettefpl.

One Tchouameni 6-1 Ryan’s Ronaldos

A fine performance here as the team who can’t say no hit the Ronaldos for six with a strong performance from Ross on a score of 78 one of the performances of note.

Shearer’s Bunch of Flowers 2-0 Hurrikane’s Mean Son’s 3 Lions

Just like that, last season’s champions have become late bloomers as the Flowers win their fourth in a row and move into the qualifying places, Riot scored one to add a fine squad performance. Danelius couldn’t do it again, could he?

Shelby Company Limited 3-0 Unbelievable Geoff

A Gangster performance, as the Shelby took the aghast Geoff’s to task with a strong squad score and they could even afford to bench Paul Attwood‘s 84.

Seven, Seven, Seven, Seven etc 1-1 Netflix and Chilwell

A draw to end our roundup with FPL Yugi‘s goal saving a point for those relaxed box watchers, it keeps them in the hunt for league glory as they move into fourth.

Here is the league table and it’s still anyone’s title with the Fangs just edging it so far.

Top Performers

This week’s player of the week is The FPL Kiwi whose score of 94 helped Sheikh, Blatter and Raul to a thumping victory. TorresLove was unlucky and will no doubt have words with his manager about his 96 points being benched.

In the race for the golden boot, glove and whatever I find for the top overall scorer, there is little change with Pingreen already lacing up his sparkling footwear and Chayuth Wongthongsri on the lookout for his glowing mittens, so it’s left to the overall scorer race to give us the excitement as Zlky is our resident MVP with 1,422 points overall.

Fixtures next week

Some spicy fixtures next week as Cafu Good Men, Neymar-less Ones and I Gerd Muller all have key matches against strong competition in the Jules League but maybe the big question is whether Fabio Cannavariance can keep up their scoring form.

Onto the Rimet League and all eyes will be on the Hamsters vs The Fangs of Suarez which may turn out to be a title decider.

Until next time, let’s be careful out there!