FFS Mini-League and Community Competition winners of 2022/23

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Scout mini-leagues and community competitions roundup after the final Gameweek of the 2022/23 season.

As well as the mini-leagues, we also report on the end-season update to the FFS Live Hall of Fame, although Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers has been covered by a separate series of articles.


The 2022/23 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champion is Ali Jahangirov. He was down towards three million after Gameweek 3 but, by Gameweek 10, had climbed into the top 10k. A good Double Gameweek 22 use of his Triple Captain chip on Marcus Rashford ensured he entered the top 1k in 173rd position, before shooting into the top five in Double Gameweek 25 when Arsenal’s trio of Gabriel Martinelli, Oleksandr Zinchenko and captain Bukayo Saka supplied 74 of his 116 points.

Ali reached number one in Gameweek 28 and returned in Gameweek 33, where he remained until the end. 758 points came from captaincy, handing the armband to Erling Haaland 19 times, Mohamed Salah six times and to both Saka and Harry Kane on three occasions.

He took nine hits – each of them four-pointers – and had seven three-figure Gameweek scores. Furthermore, his total of immediate points gained from transfers was 416. Eat your hearts out, The Great and The Good!

It was only his fourth FPL season, following a brilliant 215th position last time. He came 38th in FPL’s post-World Cup Second Chance league, in which overall number two Abdullah Amr finished fourth and overall joint-third Craig Marshall sat first. This pair also reached the top thousand in Gameweek 20 or 22 but weren’t seen in the top five until Double Gameweek 36’s successful captaining of Callum Wilson over Alexander Isak.


Az and Mark’s FPL BlackBox mini-league was also won by Ali, edging ahead of second-placed Joanne Hales-Owen. Her overall rank of joint-third is the highest-ever finishing position by a female FPL player.


Our Fantasy Football Scout mini-league was won by Ng Wesley, who led for the final three weeks and finished 15th overall. This was his third top 10k placing, as his ranks of 338th in 2017/18 and 2,464th in 2020/21 put him 196th in our newly updated FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Sebastien Goeuriot (Zidanesque) was victorious in our Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-league, having regained top spot after playing his Bench Boost in Gameweek 37. Overall, it’s a 33rd-placed team.


The FFS Live Hall of Fame (which, unlike the FFS Career Hall of Fame, can only be viewed by Premium Members) was updated again on Wednesday 31st May and now takes final 2022/23 rankings into account. 52,099 managers participating in the Fantasy Football Scout and Fantasy Football Scout Members mini-leagues are involved.

The new top ten is as follows (with 2021/22 positions in brackets):

1st (2) – Finn Sollie (overall 6,176th). An 11th top 10k finish, with three in the top 500; 39th in 2020/21.

2nd (1) – Fábio Borges (overall 33,717th). Eighth successive finish in the top 5k finishes. Three of these were in the top thousand, coming 95th in 2018/19.

3rd (12) – Jon Ballantyne (overall 500th). His fourth top-thousand finish over the last five seasons.

4th (3) – John Canning (overall 2,596th). A ninth top 10k finish, where three were in the top 200. Peaked at 60th in 2021/22.

5th (26) – Mark Hurst (overall 458th). His third top thousand finish and eighth in the top 10k; 65th in 2012/13.

6th (-) – Jon Corke (overall 1,447th). Two of five top 10k finishes came in the top 400, like last season’s 11th.

7th (-) – Conor’s Team (overall 203rd). This is the first top thousand appearance but sixth in the top 5k. 

8th (-) – Rob Mayes (overall 6,769th). A fourth successive placing in the top 10k, where two were in the best 800; came 82nd in 2021/22.

9th (8) – Markku Ojala (overall 10,179th). Two of five top 10k finishes put him in the top thousand.

10th (5) – Matt Corbidge (overall 17,199th). Over the last eight seasons, seven have ended in the top 6k.

Since the previous update that followed Gameweek 35, Jon Corke moved up two places and Rob Mayes progressed by one.


Meanwhile, Ignazio La Rosa has won League 1 of MIR’s FFS Head-to-Head Leagues after long-time pace-setter Sameer Sohail lost his last match against Craig Johnson, who himself needed a win to avoid relegation. It’s a 12k overall finish for Ignazio, who has two previous ranks in the top 700.

Craig’s win meant that Nick Wright was relegated instead, despite finishing as the highest-ranked League 1 player (674th). Also relegated were Simon Vazquez, Cam Black, Phil Roper, Justin Spiegel, Tim Hill, Neil Methold, David Meechan, Geoffrey Dance and Jon Keates.

They will be replaced by Richard Clarke, Mark Craig, Ahmed Shahin (Professor Bear), David Bowman and Milan Mihajlovic from League 2 Division 1, along with Qian Hao Ong, Michael Giovanni, Liam McAllister, Paul Machin and Owen Walker (Zan Keroski) from League 2 Division 2.

Slavcho Zdravkov in League 8 Division 41 was the highest scorer in the Head-to-Head Leagues with 93 points out of a possible 114.


The FFS Open Cup was recently won by Colombo Geezers and the FFS Members Cup ended up with Mani10000g.

These are both old-school cups run by Fantasy Football Scout and should not be confused with those listed on FPL’s Leagues & Cups page.


The tenth winner of TorresMagic’s Last Man Standing competition was Swagat Satpathy, as reported in this hot topic, coming 6,938th overall. This was a fourth top 10k, peaking at 241st in 2009/10.


The last 17 weeks of the FFScout Mods & Cons mini-league ended with Harry Daniels (FPL Harry) on top, so he’s a worthy winner. Ending at 510th globally, this was his third successive top 4k finish but first in the top thousand.


He also won the FFScout Family mini-league, following a similar 17 weeks as number one.


Chaballer’s Hall of Fame Top 1K mini-league was won by Jan Kępski, who led for the last two weeks after a previous seven occasions. A 234th overall rank is his third top thousand finish from the last four seasons, sitting 15th in our aforementioned FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Jan also stands on top of my Multiple Top 10k Finishes mini-league (for teams with two or more finishes in the top 10,000). His second successive week as leader came after another 12 earlier on.


And there’s more success in Chaballer’s Multiple Top 1K Finishes mini-league, where Jan regained control in Gameweek 37 after being in front on 17 previous occasions.


Continuing the domination, Jan’s fewer seasonal transfers meant he defeated Belum Makan in my Top 10k Any Season mini-league (for teams that have finished the season in the top 10,000 at least once).


Elsewhere, PDM’s Top 1k ANY Season mini-league was won by Stephen Devlin, who led for the last five weeks alongside another four earlier on. He ended 34th overall, a second time inside the top thousand.


Livinginapool’s Top 100 Any Season mini-league was topped by Jono Sumner, who spent the last 17 weeks in front and came 1,337th overall. This was a fifth finish in the top 7k, doing so consecutively between the 2011/12 and 2014/15 campaigns. Jono is 121st in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


Simon March’s FPL Champions League has been won by 2009/10 FPL Champion Jon Reeson, who set the pace for the last 28 weeks and finished around the 63k mark.


The final 11 weeks of Skooldaze’s FPL Vets 2006 or before mini-league’s saw Tom Carroll take control following another four earlier times, coming 3,182nd in a fourth top 10k finish.


My Opening Day League (for teams that entered within 24 hours of the FPL launch) was won by Michael Scott who came 510th overall. Although he has only had one previous top 10k finish (4,164th in 2016/17) this was his sixth inside the top 20k, justifying his 214th place in our FFS Live Hall of Fame.


My December to May League brought joy to Dave Dolman (DerbyDreamers), who stayed atop for the last three weeks. He rose from 1,146,617th to 4,666th overall in the 22 post-World Cup Gameweeks and this is his fourth top 10k finish, the best of which was 723rd in 2017/18.


Kristian Stokholm snatched victory from Shreyas Birajdar to win The Last Ten mini-league, concluding the season in 6,880th.


Finally, The Next Ville Ronka is the feeder league for Greyhead’s The Great and the Good and has been won by 122nd-placed Marko Miseric.


To join a featured mini-league for which you are eligible, simply enter the league code in the ‘Join Invitational League and Cup’ section on the FPL site. For any questions relating to community competitions please comment below this article or email geoff@fantasyfootballscout.co.uk.