Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers – MD2 recap

Welcome to the recap of all the action from matchday 2 of this year’s SKLW tournament, presented by me, FPLTobes, AKA “The Graphics guy”. Following the international break, in which some decided it would be better to relax and party instead of training for their important SKLW matchup, it’s time to find out who were victorious and who crumbled in MD2!

Premier League

Sheikh, Blatter, and Raul 2 – 1 Cafu Good men

Fans of Cafu Good men will be frustrated with captain @fpl_juice after keeping his Co-podcast host @AshFPLJUICE on the bench for a second game running, his 46 points this week would’ve given them victory as either a squad player or a striker. The game was decided by the squad score, where the team were separated by just four points. Well done to Sheikh, Blatter, and Raul on another victory which takes them to the top of the league.

Fontaine of knowledge 2 – 3 Fabio Cannavariance

Fabio Cannavariance got their first points of the season against what was a poor showing from Fontaine, with a highest FPL score of 40 points from @moore_fpl who was left on the bench! All four strikers got themselves on the scoresheet, but it was the squad of @FPL_Spaceman who prevailed victorious. 

Netflix and Chilwell 0 – 2 Banyana Bafana

Banyana continued their fine form with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Netflix and Chilwell. Great performances from @FPLLinz (51pts) and @hatem_kittana (50pts) secured the goals in the squad match. You could say that Banyana are the Manchester City of the league, will they ever lose this season?

Gerd Muller a Pint 4 – 2 Son of a Gün

Goals, Goals, Goals! Despite goals from @Frenchy_FPL and my fellow SKLW Admin @FPL_PEP_TALK for Son of a Gün, their squad were obliterated by that of Gerd Muller a Pint, scoring three goals and adding a fourth via @tjmitcham1983 late on. A much deserved three points for Gerd Muller a Pint who now sit middle of the pack in the league standings.

El Sin Nombre 1 – 1 Spearsmint Dino

@FPLNima will be disappointed with his decision-making this week after a 1-1 draw that could’ve gone either way in the end. Some great last minute saves from @stevebrown37 prevented @Gnar_tweets from nicking a winner. If Nima had backed himself as a striker he would’ve scored and his team would’ve been sat pretty at the top of the league with a goal difference of +6! 

Wan Flew over the Nkunku’s Nest 0 – 3 Oppenhamster

The Hamster’s got redemption for their 5-0 thumping last week with a goal in the H2H’s and another two from the squad score sealed an impressive 3-0 victory for @FPL_BorisBodega’s side. Great work from FPL_Inhindsight (49 pts) to keep a clean sheet. 


FC Ha Ha Land 2 – 2 Nusantara Gauchos

After winning 2-0 and 1-0 last week, both teams fancied their chances at continuing their winning streak. After critics laughed at Ha Ha Land’s lack of attacking threat, Captain @edwardemmerson decided to sit this one out and coach from the sidelines. It paid off in a sense with a goal from each of his strikers, but after conceding in the squad match and a late goal from @alifmojo (48pts) in the H2H’s, both teams had to settle for a draw.

Kahn you feel the löw tonight 2 – 6 Cameroon Diaz 

Wow, what a match! This has to go down as one of the biggest killers of the season, Cameroon Diaz thrashing the Kahn’s 6-2. Despite scoring a brace, @vfactor07 (59pts) was let down by his goalkeeper and his other teammates. @sami_devil10 (62pts) also scored two, and his strike partner @bennkengmo (40pts) made it three, while the Diaz squad scored a hat-trick! I know we’re only a few games in but it does seem like the Kahn’s may be feeling the love of relegation come the end of the season.

Panda Express CDF 2 – 1 Murder on Zidane’s Floor

The Panda’s first win of the season was celebrated on the dance floor, with @CS_Wipeout (40pts) actually keeping a clean sheet and a goal a piece for strikers @FFJoel_ (52pts) and @rpick86 (40pts). After the game, MOZF captain @speedyboyz was quick to deny rumours that he had paid off the ref the week before, and has promised fans a good week of training to prepare for the next game.

Onanas in Pyjamas 2 – 2 Cash Bandicoot 

A close fought match in this one, with Onana’s @FPL_Keepers (42pts) unable to live up to his name. The Bandicoots squad made up for @RunsiLFC’s poor performance to secure a 2-2 draw against a side yet to get out of their pyjamas in the Championship – time to wake up Team Onana! 

No Fuchs Given 0 – 4 Flowers

After that performance, it seems that No Fuchs Given really don’t care about winning games this year! @Pras_fpl (37pts) surely has to be benched next week after conceding another two goals, while Flowers captain Danelius must be buzzing for some pollen *cough cough* promotion getting a another win. How long will they sit pretty at the top?

One Tchouameni 0 – 3 Hand of Zoff

No hands were used in the making of these goals, especially not from @Chev_Luck (36pts) who let in two from the ruthless @FPL_TT (57pts), and one touch too many from the Tchouameni’s means that they end up losing 3-0, with the Zoff squad putting the game to bed!

League One

Shelby Company Limited 1 – 1 Sweet 2FA

It was a tight affair between the two sides, with Sweet 2FA Captain @FPLHaul (37pts) unable to get the ball in the back of the net! Meanwhile the Shelby gang were saved by @WallyChomp (49pts) who was only a few points of getting a second, which would have sealed a Sweet win against 2FA.

GCM22  2 – 0 Gentleman’s Grealish

After the H2H’s it was still level, but a fine squad performance from the Garuda’s left Grealish on the floor. The key players for the winning side were @fpltrialist (51pts) and @mchptrnto (50pts), they must definitely be in consideration for a striker spot this week!

Maritim +62  2 – 2 No Koeman No Cry

It just wasn’t @eppurwanto_’s day as he conceded to both of his opposition strikers. Luckily his squad made up for his errors as they scored two to tie the game in the dying embers. The only “crying” happening in this match is the fact that @HMM_KAE managed to score with only 28 points! 

The Heroes 3 – 1 Flying Dutchmen 

SKLW Admin @The_Ron_Manager (38pts) was very disappointed to have let in a goal by one FPL point, but he can’t complain about his team’s overall performance as they dominated the squad score with @Mad4FPL and @EDDIE_FPL both scoring 52 points each. Perhaps the Dutchmen should change the Flying part of their name to free-falling as they lose their second match running. 

It’s a Wonderful Cruyff 4 – 0 Maradona Kebabs

The Kebab’s got cooked while the Cruyff’s had a wonderful field day. @hesalovelyboy (56pts) scored a brace, while his partner @TarekKira (54pts) made it three. The Cruyff’s squad could’ve made it 5-0 if they played @Oufa78 (48pts) but only managed one goal at the end of a very one-sided matchup.

Winning Mentality Wanderers 1 – 3 Keane 16

The Wanderer’s kept walking towards League 2, despite a valiant effort from @fpldeadlyleadly (50pts) and his team, especially @FPLROULETTE (58pts) and goalkeeper @FPLProfessor_ (50pts), who somehow still conceded twice to give Keane 16 their first win of the season.

League Two 

The Generalists 0 – 1 TNT2

The generalists continued their goalless streak against the Dynamite of TNT2’s squad, scoring one in the squad game to make it four points out of six. The Generalists sit bottom of the league and are in need of a tactical refresh if they want to stay in the fight for promotion.

The Galácticos 1 – 1 The Deadly Deadliners

Greyhead’s so called team of super stars failed to grab all three points yet again as they were held to a 1-1 draw with The Deadly Deadliners. Maybe they need to sack the Captain/manager he seems to not know how to win, only draw! On the other side, The Deadliners will be pleased to have stayed unbeaten.

The Nation of Domination 2 – 2 Integrity is Mbuemo 

Much like their name sake, The Mbeumo’s only got two. Goals that is, not points. They only got one point in the end after NoD scored once in the H2H’s and once in the squad match. 

A Planet with No Stars 0 – 1 Ruud Bullet 

It would be rude to say that the Planet’s No Star Policy is perhaps a poor one given that they are yet to score a point, and the fact that we are only two games in, but the Bullet that is the Ruud squad hit the target to get all three points.

Fred Rice Eater 5 – 0 Let’s Get Ready To Crumble

It was a tough first SKLW match for @TheFPLRoutine and his crew, as they crumbled under the Pressure of the Rice Eater’s high press. Four impressive Squad goals and another from the H2H’s meant that Fred Rice Eater got their first points of the season with a dominating scoreline.

Unbelievable Geoff – BYE

Enjoying the view from the sidelines last week was Unbelievable Geoff. As the only Pre-existing team in the division, it would’ve been a great opportunity to scout out their rivals for promotion.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you very much for reading. It’s been a pleasure to get you up to speed, I’ll be back in a few weeks with some more SKLW Updates. See you next time.