Strikers Keepers Losers Weepers – MD4 recap

FPL threw up yet more shocks and surprises in MD4 with Aston Villa thrashing Brighton 6-1, Manchester City losing 2-1 to Wolves, Liverpool losing to Tottenham and Chelsea winning a game, 2-0 away at Fulham.  Owners of Manchester United players earned their usual 1 or 2 points yet again.

How did these results affect SKLW in MD4?  We’re going to find out now in this rundown of the week’s results.  Will you get a mention?  Read on and find out.


Each match in the Premier League this week saw plenty of goals with the one that had the most being our first match.  Son of a Gun’s strikers each scored a goal, although their keeper and captain, FPLRichard, leaked three goals to Cafu Good Men.  Son of a Gun’s squad were the epitome of consistency with just 13 points difference between the lowest and highest scores whereas there was a much greater variance in Cafu Good Men’s squad.  Cafu Good Men are now rooted to the bottom with their failure to win a point so far.  

Have they had the juice squeezed out of them?  Will they be put through the blender against El Sin Nombre this weekend, or will their captain Nick manage to guide them to at least a point?

Last year’s triple Champions Banyana Bafana got back to winning ways with a 3-0 victory over Spearmints Dino, propelling them back to 2nd place in the table.  There were two score draws in the next two fixtures between Fabio Cannavariance and Oppenhamster, and Shekih, Blatter and Raul and Wan Flew over the Nkunku’s Nest respectively.  Sheikh, Blatter and Raul maintain their lead as a result of their win.

The biggest win in the Premier League came in Fontaine of Knowledge’s 6-0 defeat at home to El Sin Nombre.  Despite the pre-season controversy over their star signing, FPLCanuck managed a clean sheet with his score of 63 points.  SKLW’s own graphics man and one of the keepers of the Twitter account was, however, far less successful in his stint in goal for Fontaine of Knowledge.  FPLTOBES leaked three goals with his score of 38 points and maybe contemplating a rest on the bench this weekend.  El Sin moved up to 4th while Fontaine of Knowledge occupy 11th place with the worst goal difference in the league, -8.

Finally, Netflix and Chilwell lost 4-0 at home to Gerd Muller a Pint.  Although the captain of the winning side, @lagdonff, unwisely benched his highest points scorer of the week, @Smakerz87 who managed a great score of 74, their second highest scorer of the week @FF_Thinker who earned 72 points was their star with 2 goals as a striker.


Unlike in the Premier League, every match in The Championship saw a winner and a loser.

FC Ha La Land took a tight 1-0 victory against Murder on Zidane’s Floor.  Edward Emmerson palmed off the Zidane strikers with ease while the squad did the business in scoring 20 points more than their opponents.  This win took Ed’s team up to third place on 8 points.

Cash Bandicoot faced off against Cameroon Diaz in what was a top of the table clash, and their narrow 1-0 win took them above their opponents into first place on 10 points.  Both squads scored 519 points but @todmod stood up for their team and earned the crucial goal.

Nusantara Gauchos took the honours in a high-scoring match against Flowers, winning 4-3.  They both occupy mid-table, but are just behind the promotion chasers in the top three places.

Khan you feel the Low tonight were definitely not feeling much love after slipping to a 3-1 defeat against Hand of Zoff who had @fplaj__ to thank for scoring two goals (in no small part due to his decision to captain Morris) against @FFScout_Joe.

Panda Express CDF scored a massive 7 goals to earn their second win against One Tchouameni with Matthew Milton also scoring a brace, and the squad walloping their opponents by more than 100 points.

Onanas in Pyjamas left the pyjamas on in their match against No Fuchs Given, who obviously couldn’t have cared less as their put five goals past their sleepy opponents.  @EgyFPL did a fine job in keeping a clean-sheet and then both strikers managed to score braces with @FPLFalse9 and FPLMarcin both scoring at least 20 points more than @sherifgabr777 who probably did wish he’d stayed in bed for this one.


We move onto League One now where we start with a 1-1 draw between Maradona Kebabs and Sweet2FA, who as a result of this match, slipped to second place while the Kebabs held station in 9th place.

The Flying Dutchmen got off the ground this week as they finally registered their victory, an excellent 2-0 result against Keane 16, who slipped below the Dutchmen.  @Saksham1901 kept out the Keane strikers and the squad then scored 540 points and gained the two goals to get the win.

There were no tears of sadness this week for No Koeman No Cry, who won 4-0 against the (not so) Winning Mentality Wanderers who again failed to register their first win of the season.  @FPLFOCUS1 was the star of this fixture in scoring 77 points and easily outscoring everybody else.  He helped the squad score three goals and made this a conclusive win for the home team.

It was a wonderful week for It’s a Wonderful Cruyff as they won 3-2 against Gentleman’s Grealish and moved top, while pushing them Gentlemen down to 11th.

Shelby Company Limited dealt a blow to The Heroes as their squad outscored the opposition by 43 points, meaning @fplally’s goal up front was in vain as The Heroes slipped to a narrow 2-1 loss and moved from 3rd to 6th.

Finally, Maritim +62 earned the second 4-0 win of the week in League One as they dispatched Garuda Cheers Up Masvansa 2022.  Again, a large points haul was benched as the 75 points scored by @thekopites21 went to waste for Maritim, although it didn’t prevent them from securing this big win.  Will he get his chance to come off the bench this weekend?  He’ll surely be knocking on the boss’s door if he doesn’t!


League Two sees the only team with a perfect start of four wins while seeing The Generalists still failing to trouble the scorers.  With two podcast Titans in Tom from WGTA and FPL General, they will surely get a point soon, won’t they?

Ruud Bullet sustained their run with a 3-1 win over The Deadly Deadliners where FPLButcher and SwishM8 both scored a goal as the strikers for their team and helped maintain their 4 point lead.  Early favourites for Champions?

Unbelievable Geoff and Fred Rice Eater played out a 1-1 draw to maintain their mid-table positions.

As already mentioned, The Generalists slipped to a 1-0 loss against A Planet with No Stars, who themselves moved off zero points with this result.  @I_am_Confuzzled scored a magnificent 85 points in goal to keep a clean sheet against WGTA_FPL who put himself up front as one of his team’s strikers.  

And finally, @Greyhead19 oversaw another loss for his expensively assembled team with a costly 4-0 defeat against The Nation of Domination, who lived up to their moniker superbly.  @FPLChampMan scored a massive 87 points, easily outscoring everyone else in this fixture, and scoring yet another brace this week.

Can the likes of @FlapjackFpl and @aboveaveragefpl help rouse the team from their slumbers?  Will @FPLPingreen have a reason to have sweet dreams with his dancing bears, or will it be more boo boo for them?


We come to the end of this week’s article.  Unlike your school sports day, not everyone can be a winner, and not everyone can get a mention either.  This weekend sees the final matchday before another International Break, so make the most of it.  Lots of wildcards are going to be played this weekend.  Will they be wasted?  Will you dare to captain someone other than Haaland?

I’m holding out for not just one Hero, but a whole team of them.  Until next time, take care of yourself, and each other.

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