Fantasy Premier League 2024/25: FPL hint at launch + changes

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is coming soon for 2024/25 – and the game we all know and love may be about to change.

In article released on Monday, FPL hinted that launch day is approaching.

There’s no exact date confirmed but usually we get a few days of price reveals before the game goes ‘live’ again. That’ll be the best indication yet that a relaunch is imminent.

So far, so normal.


But a game that has barely changed in seven years could be about to get some minor surgery.

In their brief spiel, FPL say:

“Price reveals. Position changes. Exciting NEW features that will change your strategies and make this a season like no other. All will be revealed soon…”

We’ve been used to the game changes being more cosmetic in recent years. Minor alterations have included the addition of expected goal (xG) data in the statistics page, while there was the introduction of spin-off game FPL Challenge last season.

Not since the introduction of the Free Hit chip, and the abolition of All Out Attack, in 2017 has there been any significant tweak to FPL.

But given that the blurb says these “new features… will change your strategies”, it does imply that there will be some gameplay evolution.

What changes exactly? We’ll be back in a follow-up article to pointlessly speculate on what they are…

Let us know your own thoughts below.

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