How many FPL managers played their Wildcard in Gameweek 26?

Using LiveFPL’s wide array of tools, we look at the squad make-ups and chip usage of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers who are leading the pack.

Data from the top 10,000 FPL bosses can offer us a better gauge of FPL ownership and chip strategy, as opposed to the overall figures that are skewed by the vast numbers of untouched ‘ghost teams’.

There is heaps of useful information beyond overall and top 10k figures on the LiveFPL site, of course, such as ownership stats for different rank tiers.


Wildcard usage doubled in the top 10k in Gameweek 26, with over a quarter of managers activating the chip.

The average Wildcard squad scored 31.97 points in Saturday’s matches but it’s safe to assume that non-Wildcard users (whose current average Gameweek 26 score is 27.02) likely have more representation in the Liverpool v Manchester United clash today.

The real gauge of Wildcard success will, of course, be in the Blank/Double Gameweeks to come.


Other than the Wildcard, there was precious little else happening on the chip front as managers kept their powder dry for the blanks/doubles ahead.

A mere 3.1% of the top 10k have yet to use a single chip (apart from the first Wildcard), with over 10% having already maxed out their allocation.


Look familiar? The Wildcard template you’ve no doubt seen being bandied around social media and beyond in the run-up to Saturday’s deadline is reflected in the most-owned players graphic above.

There’s a split vote between the Brentford defenders but there’s a fairly broad consensus elsewhere, with 10 assets featuring in over 70% of squads.

Over 18% of managers have the Brighton midfield double-up, with just 2.42% selecting both double-digit heroes Alexis Mac Allister (£5.4m) and Kaoru Mitoma (£5.4m) together.

Just under 2% had the Robert Sanchez (£4.6m)/Danny Ward (£4.0m) goalkeeper pairing, so will benefit from the Leicester stopper’s haul and Sanchez’s no-show.


Mac Allister is something of a differential in the top 10k, owned by just 5.3% of managers, but we can likely expect that figure to rise significantly by next Saturday’s deadline.

The average top 10k boss owns 2.8 ‘doublers’ for Gameweek 27, the vast majority of which (97.6%) ply their trade for Brighton or Brentford.

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